We seniors will show you that we are still fit for the game! Just see how we drive women wild with excitement and make them do anything we want them to. You won't believe your eyes and agree with us: Growing old is a lot of fun!!!

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Beauty and the Senior Videos

Beauty Christen & Senior Paul
Don't tell the manager, I make it up to you...
10.159 views | 645 likes
Beauty Maggie & Senior Bruce
Bruce is feeling a little under the weather... Well, he is...
12.267 views | 722 likes
Beauty Vivien Bell & Senior Hugo
Vivien meets Hugo in the park and can't resist him...
11.463 views | 674 likes
Beauty Minnie Manga & Senior John
Minnie Manga eats breakfast with John and...
12.805 views | 768 likes
Beauty Shafry & Senior Phil
Every piece on the right place...
13.857 views | 694 likes
Beauty Leda & Senior Eric
Waking up with a blowjob of beautiful Leda on top of you.
12.248 views | 768 likes
Beauty Getting Cute & Senior Eric
The System-administrator came for a PC which was not...
10.521 views | 598 likes
Beauty Scarlet & Senior Will
Scarlet is to late with paying the rent. So Will is waking...
12.711 views | 748 likes
Beauty Anastasia & Senior Phillipe
Phillipe is sleeping on the couch when horny Anastasia...
10.667 views | 584 likes
Beauty Claire & Senior Dennis
Clair is having outdoor dance lessons from teacher Dennis.
14.449 views | 767 likes
Beauty Tina & Senior Jim
Gorgeous blond Tina is very busy at the workplace. At...
11.008 views | 671 likes
Beauty Petra & Senior Bruce
Bruce a dirty old man loves to fuck young girls like Petra.
13.357 views | 795 likes
Beauty Silvie & Senior Cees
Cees an old editor enjoyed watching one of his edits. At...
12.963 views | 747 likes
Beauty Petra & Senior Cees
Dokter Petra is investigating the health problem of Cees.
13.852 views | 736 likes
Beauty Cathy & Senior Bruce
Horny senior Bruce spots a cute girl sitting behind a...
12.689 views | 724 likes
Beauty Daniela Rose & Senior Hugo
Young hot teen Daniela Rose and oldy Hugo enjoying the...
11.277 views | 629 likes
Beauty Helen & Senior Richard
Richard is spending the holidays with his girlfriend Helen...
11.053 views | 743 likes
Beauty Luciana & Senior Karel
Karel is painting Luciana's house. How will she pay him...
14.318 views | 833 likes
Beauty Linda & Senior Paul
Paul is getting on a bit and he spends a lot of time on...
13.785 views | 789 likes
Beauty Nelly & Senior Bart
Bart is a profound lover of table tennis and now that he...
15.681 views | 837 likes

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Beauty Caroline & Senior Paul
A nice garden dinner with a divine girl, Paul knows how...
12.283 views | 702 likes
Beauty Brenda & Senior Peter
Working on a farm is hard! Peter knows a way to relax a...
12.774 views | 716 likes
Beauty Ceacilia & Senior Bert
Bert is reading his news paper when Ceacilia is showing...
13.964 views | 753 likes
Beauties Vicky, Noelle & Senior Sam
Sam is doing the garden when two cute girls are playing...
12.889 views | 720 likes
Beauty Anita & Senior Bruce
Bruce visits marriage consultant Anita who comes up with...
13.852 views | 736 likes
Beauty Eva Berger & Senior Hugo
An innocent game of ping pong turns into something not...
12.963 views | 747 likes
Beauty Alice & Senior Franz
Qualified computer repairman Franz is watched by a blonde...
12.689 views | 724 likes
Beauty Amanda & Senior Bart
Bart has found him self a true stunner of a girlfriend...
11.277 views | 629 likes
Beauty Lisa & Senior Paul
Lisa, Pauls new girlfriend, is always ready for a fuck.
12.267 views | 722 likes
Beauty Mimi & Senior Paul
Paul is feeling miserable, so he visits the local witch...
11.053 views | 743 likes
Beauty Michelle & Senior Leo
After a couple of hours Leo is enjoying a healthy lunch...
13.785 views | 789 likes
Beauty Elena & Senior Paul
Paul has become a factory manager and he has hired...
15.681 views | 837 likes
Beauty Katja & Senior Roland
Roland has an extensive garden but is getting too old...
12.283 views | 702 likes
Beauty Simone & Senior Dan
When Simones heater breaks down a mechanic comes...
12.774 views | 716 likes
Beauty Sophie & Senior Paul
Paul finally got the time to wash the company van...
13.964 views | 753 likes
Beauty Catharina & Senior Malcolm
Catharina is bothered by an itchy pussy...
12.889 views | 720 likes

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Some of our lucky Seniors

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